Gustavo Ferreira

Assistant Professor and Extension Economist


Ph.D. Agricultural Economics, Louisiana State University, 2009

M.S., Business Administration, McNeese State University, 2003

B.S., Economics, Universidade Lusiada, 2000


  • Assistant Professor, Dept. of Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech, 2013-present
  • Instructor, Dept. of Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech, 2010-present
  • Research Associate and Postdoctoral Research Associate, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center, 2009-2010
  • Adjunct Economics Instructor, McNeese State University, 2005-2007

Selected Awards

  • Third prize on poster competition organized at the VCE Professional Development Conference - Applied Research Category. 2014

  • Favorite Faculty Award granted by the Housing and Residence Life, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. 2012.

  • Excellence in Access and Inclusion Award, Services for Students with Disabilities, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. 2011.


Courses taught

  • AAEC2434 Foundations in Agribusiness

  • AAEC3504 Marketing of Agricultural Products
  • AAEC3454 Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship
  • AAEC4404 Agricultural Management and Problem Solving
  • AAEC4984 NAMA Marketing Analysis

Refereed Publications:

Garcia-Fuentes, P., Ferreira, G., Harrison, R. W., Kinsey, J. and Dennis Degeneffe. 2014. “Consumer Confidence in the Food System, Media Coverage and Stock Prices of Food Producers: A Regression Analysis.” The Journal of Food Distribution Research (forthcoming).

Ferreira, G. and Joao Ferreira. 2013. “Virginia Wineries’ Web Sites: An Evaluation.” Journal of Business Administration Online, 12(2).

Ferreira, G., Harrison, R. W. and Pablo Garcia-Fuentes. 2013. “On the Causal Links between Exports and Economic Growth in Costa Rica.” Journal of International Agricultural Trade and Development  8(2), 1-28.

Garcia-Fuentes, P., Ferreira, G. and P. L. Kennedy. 2013. “Economic Performance of U.S. Multinational Agribusinesses: Foreign Direct Investment and Firm Strategy.” Agribusiness: An International Journal  29(2), 242-255.  

Ferreira, G. and Robert W. Harrison. 2012. “From Coffee Beans to Microchips: Export Diversification and Economic Growth in Costa Rica.” Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics  44, 4 (November), 1-15.

Kinsey, J., Harrison, R. W., Degeneffe, D., Ferreira, G. and Shiratori, S. 2009. “Index of Consumer Confidence in the Safety of the United States Food System.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics (Proceedings)  91, 1470-1476.

Peer-reviewed Extension Publications:

Lucha, C. Ferreira G., Walker, M. and Gordon Groover. 2013. “An Overview of Virginia Agritourism: Results from the 2013 Profitability Survety.” Virginia Extension Publication (Forthcoming).

Lucha, C. Ferreira G., Walker, M. and Gordon Groover. 2013. “A Geographic Analysis of Agritourism in Virginia.” Virginia Extension Publication (AAEC-62P)

Caffarelli, P., Ferreira G., Groover, G. and Kathryn Boys, 2013. “Grain Production and Storage in Virginia: A Summary.” Virginia Extension Publication (AAEC-60P)

Ferreira, G., Ferreira, J. and Pablo Garcia-Fuentes. 2012. “Exporting Wine to the United Kingdom: A Guide for the Virginia Wineries.” Virginia Extension Publication (AAEC-12P)

Ferreira, G. 2011. “A Comparative Analysis between the Virginia and North Carolina’s Wine Industries.” Virginia Extension Publication (AAEC-29).

Gustavo Ferreira