The Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics offers two undergraduate degrees - Agribusiness and Applied Economic Management, with pecialized fields of study. AAEC also offers multiple minors that are available to students around the university.

Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness

The Agribusiness Management option prepares students to enter the largest industries in the world — food, fiber, and fuel. This option allows students to concentrate on agricultural finance, farm and agribusiness management, marketing, and agricultural price risk management.  In recent years, opportunities in the agricultural finance and credit fields have increased tremendously.

This degree option also provides students with the flexibility to acquire additional education in related fields such as animal science, horticulture, agronomy, and environmental management.

The Veterinary Business Management option requires students to complete the scientific course work necessary to apply to veterinary school, while also taking business-oriented classes to assist in running a veterinary practice.

Bachelor of Science in Applied Economic Management

The Community Economic Development option prepares students to work with local governments to manage issues related to improving economic conditions in rural areas. Topics include rural job creation, labor markets, growth-agriculture conflicts, and land-use management. Students in this option may also prepare for jobs in state and federal government or for non-governmental organizations that work on rural issues.

The Environmental Economics, Management, and Policy option builds upon the broader base of Applied Economic Management. Courses include the economics of resource use, planning, public policy, environmental economics, and political science. This training is needed to work with agencies and organizations that address problems of rural poverty, use of natural resources, and provision of public services to non-urban areas.

The International Trade and Development Option requires a multidisciplinary background to help prepare students for careers in the fast-growing areas of international trade and development. Students seek careers with corporations, the Peace Corps, private voluntary agencies, and national and international government agencies.

AAEC Minor Options:

  • Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Environmental Economics
  • Development and International Trade
  • Agricultural and Applied Economics

If you are curious about any of our undergraduate programs or would more information, please contact our undergraduate advisor Katie White.