Gordon Groover

Associate Professor

  • Associate Professor Emeritus



Ph.D., Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech, 2001
M.S., Agricultural Economics, Virginia Tech, 1988
B.S., Animal Science/Agronomy, Virginia Tech, 1979


I have been an Extension Economist at AAEC for over 30 years. Before joining the Agricultural Economics faculty in 1983, I was a Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) Agent with a focus on  farm management. My primary objective as an Extension Economist is to provide educational programs designed to improve the financial decision-making capacity, knowledge, and analytical skills of Extension personnel and clients. To that end, I lead the Virginia land use taxation program which provides estimates of farm and horticultural land, and have an active role in the advancement of the VCE's farm business management program. Through that program, I have trained and mentored over 36 farm business management Extension Agents and have aided in program logistics and leadership. Much of my research and Extension programs focus on sustainable forage and livestock systems. 

Virginia land use taxation 

Ongoing educational activities: Provide intellectual and technical leadership to the annual farmland use-value estimates. Provide training and mentoring to full-time project associate. Develop and deliver educational programs to extension agents and governmental officials.

Farm business management and agricultural and applied economics programs

Ongoing educational activities: Provide leadership to national and regional programs in budgeting and farm management.  Provide intellectual leadership as farm business management coordinator to 6 area farm businesses management extension agents. Provide leadership as extension project leader to extension faculty in the Agricultural and Applied Economics Department.  Provide leadership to expand the Department’s web-based program. Provide training and mentoring to new extension agents and specialists. Plan and coordinate a national workshop on farm management and development of a national searchable database of enterprise budgets.

Economics of sustainable forage and livestock systems

Ongoing educational activities: Investigate farm-level profitability of pasture-finished beef systems and markets and profitability for organic dairy production.  Develop new computational methods for farm-level risk-profitability to enhance the Pasture Land Management System (PLMS) model. Serve as educational advisor to the Virginia Forage and Grassland Council.

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  • Associate Professor Emeritus, Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech, November 2017 - Present
  • Associate Professor, Extension Economist, Farm Management, Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech, July 2008 - October, 2017
  • Instructor, Extension Economist, Farm Management, Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech, March 1983 - July 2008
  • Extension Agent, Farm Management, West Central District, VA, Virginia Cooperative Extension, February 1981 - February 1983
  • Extension Agent, Farm Management, Northern District, VA, Virginia Cooperative Extension, November 1979 - January 1981
  • Extension Agent, Culpeper County, VA, Virginia Cooperative Extension, July 1979 - October 1979


Gamma Sigma Delta Extension Excellence Award - 2014

Virginia Forage and Grassland Council – 2013 Harland White Distinguish Service Award.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences – 2012 Andy Swiger Land-Grant Award.

American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers - 2010 Educational Aids Blue Ribbon Award for the Publications, “Investing in GPS Guidance Systems?” Gordon E. Groover and Robert Grisso.

Virginia Agribusiness Council - Outstanding Extension Specialist Service Award given in recognition of meritorious service to the industry of agribusiness. 2009.

Selected recent publications

Lucha C., G. Ferreira, M. Walker, G. Groover. Profitability of Virginia Agritourism Industry: A Regression Analysis." Agricultural and Resource Economics Review. 2015.

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Groover, G. Farm Business Management Update Blog. Published 6 times per year http://news.cals.vt.edu/fbm-update/   

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Gordon Groover