Xiang Cao

Ph.D. Candidate

Xiang is a fifth-year Ph.D. student and Research Assistant in the department with research interests involving environmental economics, applied econometrics, and agribusiness. Before coming to Virginia Tech, Xiang received a M.S. in Agricultural Economics from the University of Florida and a B.S. in Economics from the University of International Relations in Bejing, China. His dissertation is titled "Two Essays on Environmental Economics with a Focus on Non-market Valuation."


1. Cao, X., Bosch, D., and Pease, J. Recycling Irrigation Water on Ornamental Nursery Operations: Could Consumer Premiums Compensate for Grower Adoption Costs? 2017. HortScience, 52(12), 1780-1789.

2. Isengildina- Massa, O., Karali, B., Irwin, H. S., Adjemian, K. M., and Cao, X. (2016). The Value of Public Situation Information in a Big Data Era. NCCC-134.

3.Cao, X., House, O. L., Gao, Z., and Guan, Z. (2014). Marketing Strategies to Promote Florida Tomatoes. The Florida Tomato Proceedings 2014, 14-16.


Works in progress:

1. Xiang Cao, Kevin J. Boyle, Shyamani Siriwardena and Thomas P. Holmes. “Estimating Demand for Urban Tree Cover Using a Residential Sorting Model” (Job market paper)

2. Olga Isengildina- Massa, Berna Karali, and Xiang Cao. "The Market Impact of USDA Crop and Livestock Reports in the Big Data Era." (Submitted to Journal of Agricultural Economics)

3. Xiang Cao, Lisa O. House, Zhengfei Guan and Zhifeng Gao. “Determining the Impact of State-Specific Signs and Labels on Tomato Marketing.” (1st round revision requested by Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics)​