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Elizabeth Chishimba

Ph.D. Student


Elizabeth's areas of research include international development and trade as well as rural and regional development. Before joining Virginia Tech, she received a Master of Science degree in Agricultural and Resource Economics with a focus in Applied Economics and Policy from the University of Arizona. Upon graduation, she spent a year working as a Research Associate at Tango International where she participated in current research on development issues such as resilience, food security, and poverty. She applied advanced statistical techniques including factor analysis and regression analysis to measure household resilience capacities and analyze the different factors that most contribute to increasing household resilience. She also worked for Palm Associates Limited, a leading developmental research consultancy firm in Zambia. Some of her previous work involved investigating the factors that affect the profitability of bean traders in Zambia and the resilience of households to exogenous shocks using evidence from Malawi. She was a Fulbright Scholar from 2016 to 2019 and currently serves as the Secretary for the African Graduate Student Organization at Virginia Tech.