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Yixing Zheng

Ph.D. Student


Yixing received her bachelor’s degree from Nanjing Agricultural University, where she majored in Finance. She obtained her Master of Science in Economics from the Department of Economics at Georgetown University. Using econometric skills and economic theory, Yixing is interested in empirical economics research to address real-world challenges. Yixing’s undergraduate research explored the development patterns and operational performance of rural land-joint stock cooperatives and studied the Incentive Mechanism of the Rural Financial System in China, which focuses on reforming Chinese Rural Cooperatives. Her research discussed the effect of the Chinese Central Bank's financial support on the reform and associated problems. During her master’s, she worked as a research assistant on a project looking at editorial decisions, which aimed to assess the value added from the peer review system and to investigate the factors that determine the citation paths of published papers. Her research areas of interest include agribusiness, food and health economics, applied econometrics and Environmental economics