George Davis and Wen You, AAEc; studio illustration; prepartion for meals in food assistance programs

Food and Health Research

The Food and Health Economics programme in Virginia Tech's Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics is truly one of a kind, providing an outstanding, interdisciplinary education and research environment.

Currently ranked in the top 20 Applied Economics graduate programmes in the US, the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics (AAEC) at Virginia Tech has gained national and international recognition in its excellency at research, teaching and extension. The faculty has taken leadership roles in specialized areas of Food and Health Economics, Environmental and Resource Economics, International Development and Trade, Applied Econometrics, and Rural and Regional Development. 

The latest area of development in AAEC has been the Food and Health Economics programme, which was established in 2007 and forms an integral part of a university-wide obesity cluster hire at Virginia Tech. This special branch of study is led by Drs Wen You and George Davis. While Dr. You's work has been largely economic-based, a great deal of her work has been interdisciplinary and includes teaching graduate level courses in food and health economics and applied microeconometrics. Meanwhile, Dr. Davis is a Professor in the AAEC, and the Department of Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise. His research interests range from food demand and health outcomes, to econometrics and methodology. Whether working together or separately, both have received several awards for their research and have enjoyed great success in running the programme over the past six years. 

To read more about why Drs. Davis and You are leaders in their field click here.

Recent Publications

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