Mary Marchant interviews in her office with Joe Dashiell from WDBJ7.
Mary Marchant is interviewed by WDBJ7 reporter.

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Alumni News

Recent Accomplishments

AAEC congratulates members of the AAEC family on the accomplishments listed below.

Awards and Achievements


  • Kevin Boyle honored as AAEA Fellow



  • Gordon Groover retired this fall after 35 years of service
  • James Pease retired this summer after 30 years of service
  • Leon Geyer retired this spring after 37 years of service

CALS Alumni Awardees

Other Alumni Achievements




  • Alexis Villacis-Aveiga received fellowship to attend 2018 Future Leaders Forum by the Association for International Agriculture and Rural Development and a travel scholarship to attend OpenCon
  • Mina Hejazi defended her dissertation and accepted a position at Chico State university
  • Namhoon Kim and Ling Yu defended their dissertations
  • Yuri Woo, Jaifeng Zhu, Muntasir Hasan, Sydni Jackson, Wesley Johnson, and Tyler Neff defended their theses


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