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We are committed to translating our research and expertise into practical applications.

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The Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics provides different paths for industry to connect with us.

We believe in collaborative research as the most effective way to address complex challenges and create meaningful scientific advancements. Whether you represent industry, academia, or government, we welcome the opportunity to explore mutually beneficial collaborations. The possibilities are unlimited.

We place a high value on experiential learning in our programs and it's collaboration with partners in our field that makes that possible. Guest lecture on a specific topic, speak to the AgEcon Club about your industry experience, or invite students to a production facility to give them a hands-on experience.  

As a member of Virginia Tech's Bridge Experience Program, we require all students to do some level of experiential learning, including internships and co-ops. This requirement and our relationship with numerous companies and government institutions is allowing us to work toward a 100% job placement rate within six months of graduation.  

Our programs are designed to prepare students for success in applied economics and agribusiness principles that help address the food, financial, health, development, policy, environmental, and social needs. As a result, our alumni serve as an important bridge between academia and the professional world. Whether you own your own business, occupy a leadership position, or are an academic researcher, your experiences and insight are invaluable to our students. Guest lecture in a specific class, offer students an opportunity to visit your company, or make a monetary gift. There are a variety of ways you can give back, and all of them serve to reinforce our students' education.