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Giving to AAEC

COINS presentation during 2022 CALS experience event

A gift of any kind is a personal gesture, reflecting the loyalty, affection, and interests of the giver.

Gifts to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics are personal, too. They reflect loyalties borne of experiences at the university as a student, researcher, or member of the faculty or staff. They may derive from a desire to see progress made in a particular area of research or may express gratitude for the educational opportunities provided to a family member or friend.

Through their generosity over the past years, alumni, employees, and friends of the department have provided funds that directly enrich the teaching, research, and Extension programs we offer.

If you are affiliated with a company that matches contributions to higher education, please contact your company's Human Resources department to learn about your company's matching gift policies. Virginia Tech receives a sizable amount of gifts from company matching funds, thanks to donors like you who request the form from their participating employers and send it to Virginia Tech with their gifts.

Thank you to all of our donors! Your support is critical to our department's growth. For inquiries, contact Vernon Meacham.

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