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International Development and Trade

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Focusing on economic analysis to improve international development and trade policies through a wide array of topics including methods for measuring poverty and inequality, evaluation of public policies for poverty reduction and economic growth, interactions between environment, health and development, methods for measuring technical change and impacts of agricultural research, political economy of trade, imperfect competition and intra-industry trade, and the monetary aspects of international trade.

Recent Publications

Faculty and Graduate Students Title and Publication Name
Charlotte Emlinger (2018) Do exporting firms benefits from retail internationalization. Evidence from France. Journal of Economics and Management Strategy. 2018, p1-22.
Shamar Stewart Synchronization of Regional Growth Dynamics in China (with Zhicun Bian, Jun Ma and Jinlan Ni), China Economic Review (2018)
Chanita Holmes (2018). Does a stronger system of Law and Order constrain the effects of Foreign Direct Investment on Government Size. European Journal of Political Economy. 55, 258-283
Charlotte Emlinger (2018) With a Little Help from My Friends: Multinational Retailers and China's consumer Market Penetration. Journal of International Economics, Vol. 112(C), p1-12.
Mary Marchant "Theme Overview: U.S.–China Trade Dispute and Potential Impacts on Agriculture." Choices. Quarter 2
Mary Marchant "Theme Overview: U.S. Commodity Markets Will Respond to Changes in China's Ag Policies." Choices. Quarter 2. | "U.S. Agricultural Exports to China Increased Rapidly Making China the Number One Market." Choices. Quarter 2.

Jason Grant, Everett Peterson, Mina Hejazi*

Tariff Changes and the Margins of Trade:  A Case Study of U.S. Agri-Food Imports.” Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics: 2017.
Jeffrey Alwang, George Norton, Di Zeng* Agricultural Technology Adoption and Child Nutrition Enhancement: Improved Maize Varieties in Rural Ethiopia, Agricultural Economics, 2017
Bradford Mills (2016). DO IMPROVED GROUNDNUT SEEDS MAKE AFRICAN FARMERS MORE FOOD SECURE? EVIDENCE FROM UGANDAJournal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 48(3), 219-240. doi:10.1017/aae.2016.13
Bradford Mills
"Reaching the Poor: Cash Transfer Program Targeting in Cameroon." World Development. 83 (July 2016) 244-263.
George Norton Bioeconomic optimization of conservation agriculture production systems (CAPS) for smallholder tribal farmers in the hill region of Nepal, Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, 71 (2) (March-April 2016): 103-117. 
Catherine Larochelle, Jeffrey Alwang Assessing the Adoption of Improved Bean Varieties in Rwanda and the Role of Varietal Attributes in Adoption Decisions. HarvestPlus Working Paper No. 25. Washington, D.C.: International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI).
Catherine Larochelle, Jeffrey Alwang
Schooling Achievement among Rural Zimbabwean Children during a Period of Economic TurmoilComparative Education Review, 60(2), 311-338. DOI: 10.1086/685582
Mary Marchant,  XIE C.*
"Supplying China's Growing Appetite for Poultry," International Food and Agribusiness Management Review (IFAMR). Volume 18 -- Special Issue A(2015):115-136. 
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