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Jason Grant speaks with USA Today
Jason Grant speaks with USA TODAY, June 2022 >> Fertilizer prices reaching record highs, worrying farmers as planting season is underway: Inflation, supply shortages and the war in Ukraine have driven fertilizer prices to record highs as concerned farmers begin the 2022 planting season.


Keeping the United States and Virginia agriculture competitive in a diverse global economy by producing model-based forecasts and policy projections.

EDUCATION WITH PURPOSE: Develop the skills of our future leaders and professionals through continuing education to understand, operate, manage, and lead a diverse global agricultural industry.

OUTREACH AND EXTENSION WITH VALUE: Increase the competitiveness of private and public sector agribusiness stakeholders in the U.S. and mid-Atlantic regions by providing in-depth agricultural trade and policy information and analysis.

RESEARCH WITH IMPACT: Facilitate a collaborative environment for research programs supporting agricultural trade. These programs are designed to generate analytical and relevant policy results to be utilized in global commercial markets and policy arenas.


  • Expert faculty 
  • Keynote lectures 
  • Networking
  • Annual Governor’s Conference on Agricultural Trade to discuss emerging trade issues with state and federal officials and industry stakeholders
  • Collaborative research with the U.S. Department of Agriculture
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Jason Grant
Program Director

Jennifer Shelton
Program Support Specialist