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...the specialized skills and knowledge needed in economic modeling, data
analytics, econometrics, forecasting, and micro- and macroeconomics.

...integrates tools and frameworks with industry and government issues,
complemented by applied coursework in commodity markets, pricing, and
contemporary issues and responses in food systems. analyst, business strategist, policy analyst, commodities trader,
supply chain logistics specialist, business economist, or other data analyticsrelated

Virginia Tech's online degree program offers the same high-quality education
as our in person program and therefore, will not have the word 'online'
written on the diploma.

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Learn more about the Online Master of Agricultural and Applied Economics degree program
Learn more about the Online Master of Agricultural and Applied Economics degree program

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Your investment

Tuition and cost
$1,075 per credit
This is a self-funded graduate program.

Your curriculum

Program structure

Asynchronous course delivery in the Canvas platform

Admission requirements

  • Basic statistics
  • Intermediate microeconomics
  • Introduction to differential calculus
  • 3.0 GPA (4+1 program 3.3 GPA)

Additional admission requirements

Admission requirement resources

Canvas math modules are available upon acceptance for those who would like refresher content before starting coursework. For those desiring more formal background coursework, online calculus and statistics courses are available from your local community college or other educational institution. Examples of self-paced courses are below.

  • Data management and visualization in econometrics and forecasting
  • Technical skills in R and Python programming
  • Critical thinking and analytical skills required to frame business and policy questions using economic analysis

Visit the graduate school's website for details on application deadlines.

  • The domestic application deadline for Fall submission is August 1 and for Spring January 1.
  • The international application deadline for Fall submission is April 1 and for Spring September 1.