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A free resource for Virginia producers 

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This site outlines commodity information and resources to help Virginia producers build successful agricultural enterprises. It includes auctions, historical prices, basis, marketing trends, and more.


State graded auctions

There are many marketing options across the state.


CME futures

The future market shows national trends in feeder cattle prices.


Basis and basis patterns

Basis, or the difference between the futures price and your local market, can tell you a lot about what your cattle may bring.


Livestock risk protection

This federal price insurance program can protect your bottom line. 


Hedging strategies

Hedging can be hard. Our price forecasting tool shows how to use this strategy for your operation.


Target price calculator

What are your cattle worth? Volatility in the market can make it hard to know. 

Elijah Griles: Commodity Specialist, Agriculture, Development & Innovation with Virginia Farm Bureau Federation®


Virginia grain locations

Virginia has many different elevators and terminals where producers can deliver their grain.


CME futures

View more information about grain futures and current futures prices.


Basis and basis patterns

  • Basis patterns across space
  • Basis seasonality

Basis is a measure of the strength of your local market. It is important to understand the patterns and trends in your local market to make better marketing decisions.


Hedging strategies

Hedging with futures is a key part of reducing an operation’s price risk.


Hedging simulation

See how a farmer on Virginia’s Eastern Shore would have fared if they hedged using futures for the past 22 years


Target price calculator

Find out what your grain is worth. Should you store or sell? Is it better to deliver locally or haul to a different market?


Jayson Gill,
Funding for this project: NIFA National Needs Fellowship "Integrated Graduate Training in Commodity Markets: A Managed Fund Approach

USDA reports are among the most important reports in the agricultural commodities market. To what extent do USDA reports move the futures market? How do traders adjust their trading positions with the release of USDA reports?  

Barchart talked to Doug Christie, an agribusiness executive, and Olga Isengildina Massa, John B. and Kristi L. Rowsell Professor in the Dept. of Agricultural and Applied Economics, for a deep dive on this topic.

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Olga Isengildina-Massa