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Kevin Boyle's tree coverage research

Research related to the economics of rural and regional development explores and explains the theory and methods related to the economic development of rural America; the role of agriculture in regional development; federal, state, and local governments in the development process; quantitative methods for regional development and impact analysis; spatial considerations in regional development; and housing transportation and labor markets. Faculty and graduate students study the relationship between energy and food insecurity in rural America, the evaluation of the welfare impacts of food stamps on rural households, the targeting of social assistance program strategies, and the local and regional economic impact of rural interventions and programs.

Recent Publications

Faculty and Graduate Students Title and Publication Name
Kevin Boyle The implicit value of tree cover in the U.S.: A meta-analysis of hedonic property value studies.” Ecological Economics, Vol. 128: 68-76.
Kevin Boyle, Wen You Sample Selection, Individual Heterogeneity and Regional Heterogeneity in Valuing Farmland Conservation Easements.”  Land Economics, Vol. 91 (4): 627-649.  
George W. Norton, Jeffrey Alwang
Economics of Agricultural Development. 3rd Edition. New York: Routledge Press, 2015.
Bradford Mills The Impact of Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program Participation on Household Energy Insecurity.Contemporary Economic Policy. 32:4 (October 2014) 811-825.
Jeff Alwang 
"Positive Impacts in Soil and Water Conservation in an Andean Region of South America: Case Scenarios from a USAID Multidisciplinary Cooperative Project;" Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, Jan/Feb 2013, v. 68(1):1.
Darrell Bosch, Jim Pease   "Community DECISIONS: Stakeholder Focused Watershed Planning", Journal of Environmental Management.112: 226-232.

Rural and Regional Development Faculty 

Jeffrey Alwang
Kevin Boyle
Bradford Mills

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