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Sydni Jackson conducts economic survey in Cambodia.

Faculty at the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics maintain research programs that address a wide array of topics that impact both Virginians and people around the world. Research is conducted in five broad areas: agribusiness, environmental and natural resource economics, food and health economics, international development and trade, and rural and regional development. 

Agribusiness, Risk Managment, and Policy

Focusing on tools for business decision making. Topics addressed include rapidly changing technology and consumer preferences, impacts from the production, distribution, marketing, and sales of agricultural goods, and the demand for safe and affordable food.

Darrell Bosch
John Bovay
Julien Cadot
Matthew Holt Olga Isengildina Massa Mary Marchant
Ford Ramsey Shamar Stewart  


Environmental and Natural Resources Economics

Focusing on the economic impact of environmental and resource problems. Topics include the interdependence between human economics and natural ecosystems and the sustainable management of resources for future generations. 

Darrell Bosch Kevin Boyle Michael Ellerbrock
Klaus Moeltner
Kurt Stephenson Wei Zhang


Food and Health Economics

Focusing on economic determinants of food choices and associated health outcomes with implications for policy design and effectiveness. Topics include policy implications of ignoring time allocation decisions in food choices, evaluation of financial incentives to reduce weight, and cost effectiveness evaluation of nutrition and health education programs. 

John Bovay Kevin Boyle Susan Chen
George Davis    


International Development and Trade

Focusing on economic analysis to improve international development and trade policies through a wide array of topics including methods for measuring poverty and inequality, evaluation of public policies for poverty reduction and economic growth, interactions between environment, health and development, methods for measuring technical change, political economy of trade, imperfect competition and intra-industry trade, and the monetary aspects of international trade. 

Jeffrey Alwang Charlotte Emlinger Jason Grant
Chanita Holmes Catherine Larochelle Mary Marchant
Bradford Mills Shamar Stewart  


Rural and Regional Development

Focusing on factors and policies affecting economic prospects, poverty, and inequality in rural areas and across regions. Topics include energy insecurity and food insecurity in rural America, the evaluation of the welfare impacts of food stamps on rural households, social assistance program targeting strategies, and the local and regional economic impacts of rural policies and programs. 

Jeffrey Alwang Bradford Mills Travis Mountain