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Agribusiness, Risk Management, and Policy

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Image of food

A core belief in our research activities is to foster profitability in the agricultural sector.

We use objective, scientifically-sound methodologies to solve problems inherent to the food and fiber industry - specifically, identification, mitigation, and management of the risks unique to agricultural production, markets, finance, institutions, and human resources. We look at local, regional, national, and international policy implications stemming from applied data analysis and research findings to help inform decision-making at the firm and industry levels. 

Graduate students have the opportunity to work on cross-disciplinary projects and partner with numerous private-sector professionals and organizations.

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

In 2015, the United Nations adopted a global framework for sustainable development focusing on 17 SDGs. The SDGs call for all countries to address complex, global problems covering all aspects of sustainability such as health and well-being, equality, clean water, and climate change. 

Virginia Tech is tracking progress toward achieving the United Nation’s SDGs across three categories; research, outreach, and stewardship. View the progress here.

Virginia Tech is tracking progress towards achieving the United Nation’s SDGs across three categories; research, outreach, and stewardship.