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Our faculty and graduates have expertise in applied economics and agribusiness principles that help address the food, financial, health, development, policy, environmental, and social needs in Virginia and beyond.

#ResearchWithImpact >> Kurt Stephenson, AAEC Professor, is taking measurements at a water quality project site (Smith Creek just east of Harrisonburg, Virginia) managed by both Zachary Easton, Department of Biological Systems Engineering and Stephenson. The project evaluates the efficacy of using a new technology (bioreactors) to remove excess nitrogen in groundwater to improve downstream water quality. Part of the project involves investigating the barriers and opportunities to incentivize people to use this technology.

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If you want your farm to continue thriving long after you've passed, it's not enough to simply have an estate plan. You need a well-crafted succession plan as well. We asked Jennifer Friedel, Attorney and Assistant Professor of Practice, what’s the difference between the two?