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Kohl Centre project 2016

What is the Kohl Centre?

Agribusiness education reimagined.

The Kohl Centre provides students with an opportunity to solidify their knowledge and expand their skillset by engaging clients from around the state, building a professional network, and helping clients analyze and evaluate alternatives – all while earning degree credit. 

Kohl Centre partners - including Virginia Tech faculty, industry experts, state agencies, and consultants - first identify knowledge gaps and critical needs in the food and fiber sector. Kohl Centre students, with the help and facilitation of AAEC Facutly, then apply their classroom knowledge to help fill these gaps and needs.

Students are assessed on three measurable learning objectives:

  1. To present ideas orally and in writing
  2. To work with diverse partners in a team environment under time constraints
  3. To shape and direct their own work and contributions

The 2019 Kohl Centre Experience group worked on three separate projects, which were:

  • Economic Risk Mitigation Plans for Virginia's Agritourism Businesses
  • Economic Implications of Proposed Agricultural Certainty Program: The Case for Virginia Beef Producers
  • Direct Marketing in Virginia: A Look at Farmers’ Market Longevity and Success

Check out this video from the 2016 Kohl Centre project:

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The Kohl Centre Experiential learning course, AAEC 4414 - Applied Economic Problem-Solving, is offered in the fall. Contact our Undergraduate Advisor Katie White to see how the Kohl Centre can fit into your academic plan.