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Joachim Schleich

Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research
Breslauer Str. 48
76139 Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Fax: (011) 49-721-6809-272

Joachim Schleich joined the faculty as an adjunct professor in the summer of 2004. His research interests include the design of environmental policy instruments (in particular, the CO2-emissions trading system in the European Union), future international climate policy architecture, innovation and the diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies, and the political economy of environmental and trade policies.

He works at the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research in Karlsruhe, Germany, where he heads the “Energy and Climate Policy” unit. Joachim regularly visits Virginia Tech for joint research projects and to serve on graduate students’ committees..

Professional Vitae

Selected Publications

  • Schleich, J.: Barriers to energy efficiency: A comparison across the German commercial and services sector, Ecological Economics (in press).
  • Schleich, J. and Hillenbrand, T.: Determinants of Residential Water Demand in Germany, Ecological Economics (in press).
  • Schleich, J., Rogge, K. and Betz, R. (2009): Incentives for energy efficiency in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, Energy Efficiency 2, 37-67.
  • Schleich, J. and Gruber, E. (2008): Beyond case studies: Barriers to energy efficiency in commerce and the services sectors, Energy Economics 30, 449-464.
  • Lutz, C., Meyer, B., Nathani, C. and Schleich, J. (2007): Endogenous innovation, economy and environment: Impacts of a technology-based modelling approach for energy-intensive industries in Germany, Energy Studies Review 15, 1-22.
  • Betz, R., Rogge, K. and Schleich, J. (2006): EU Emission Trading: An Early Analysis of National Allocation Plans for 2008-2012, Climate Policy 6 (4), 361–394.
  • Schleich, J., Ehrhart, K.-M., Hoppe, C., and Seifert, S. (2006): Banning banking in EU-emissions trading? Energy Policy 34, 112-120.
  • Ehrhart, K.-M., Hoppe, C., Schleich, J., and Seifert, S. (2005): The role of auctions and forward markets in the EU ETS: counterbalancing the cost-inefficiencies of combining generous allocation with a ban on banking, Climate Policy , 31-46.
  • Lutz, C., Meyer, B., Nathani, C., and Schleich, J. (2005): Endogenous technological change and emissions: The case of the German steel industry, Energy Policy 33, 1143-1154.
  • Schleich, J., et al. (2001): Greenhouse gas reductions in Germany - lucky strike or hard work? Climate Policy 1, 363-380.
  • Schleich, J. and Orden, D. (2000): Environmental quality and industry protection with noncooperative versus cooperative domestic and trade policies, Review of International Economics 8, 681-697.
  • Schleich, J. (1999): Environmental quality with endogenous domestic and trade policies, European Journal of Political Economy 15, 53-71.