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AAEC Student Ambassadors

Meet our AAEC student ambassadors! 

Our AAEC Ambassadors take on this role to serve you! From answering questions about AAEC classes to inquiries about campus to ideas you have for the department, these students help students feel reassured and welcomed, and they assist our faculty and staff with staying abreast of student body needs. Feel free to reach out to them with any questions or ideas you have! This year's cohort includes:


Aleya Becker |
Year: Senior
Major: Applied Economic Management (International Trade and Development)
Hometown: Charlottesville, Virginia 
Favorite class
: My favorite AAEC class thus far has been Analytic Methods Applied Economics, with Dr. Stewart. This course gave me practical skills and ways to see how I could realistically use what I have learned from other classes I've taken. In this class we were able to understand what data looks like, interpret its meaning, and then use it to produce meaningful results. This class paired well with my minor in Real Estate, and gave me insight into what I might enjoy doing in my future. I also like to play with Excel, and this class gave me plenty of experience in doing so. Dr. Stewart was also receptive to feedback and easy to get in touch with for help, which he loved to do!

Vaughn Biesecker

Vaughn Biesecker |
Year: Junior
Major: Agribusiness
Hometown:Purcellville, Virginia
Favorite class: My favorite AAEC class is Environment and Sustainable Development Economics because I enjoy learning about how consumers and producers can work towards more sustainable economic development.

Hannah Browne

Hannah Browne |
Year: Senior
Major: Applied Economic Management (International Trade and Development)
Hometown: Lanham, Maryland
Favorite class: International Agricultural Trade and Development. The class focused on how other counties allocated their resources to their citizens to promote economic growth. This class reminded me why I chose this major and allowed me to decipher what I want to do!

Ryan Jacobs

Ryan Jacobs |
Year: Senior
Major: Environmental Economics
Hometown: Newark, Deleware
Favorite class
 My favorite class so far has been the Rural and Regional Development and Policy class I am currently taking. This class connects me directly back to the internship I took part in this past summer and involves issues in areas that are often forgotten and neglected. 

Bailey Marshall

Bailey Marshall |
Year: Junior
Major: Agribusiness and Communication Science
Hometown: Buchanan, Virginia
Favorite Class: Personal Financial Planning because I learned applicable financial skills like filing taxes, how to save for retirement, and effective investing methods. Also, I really love how much Doc White cares about his students’ financial health. 

Sara Rheintgen

Sara Rheintgen |
Year: Junior
Major: Food and Health Systems Economics
Hometown: Gainesville, Virginia
Favorite Class
: My favorite class so far has been Agricultural Global Food Security and Health. Dr. Ozzie was so engaging and always made me laugh. Not only was the material interesting, but it was a great introductory course to the major. The course was all about agriculture, the environment, and agronomy. And we even were able to participate in a service project, which was especially interesting and important during COVID-19. 

Macie Snelson

Macie Snelson |
Year: Senior
Major: Agribusiness & Spanish
Hometown: Mechanicsville, Virginia
Favorite Class
: Mike Ellerbrock’s macroeconomics class. I loved it because he was so passionate about the subject matter and about his students succeeding, not only in the classroom but in life as well. As for this semester, my favorite class is Agricultural Law with Jennifer Friedel. I love that class because she is so well educated on law and particularly how it affects the agricultural industry. Law was never something I knew a lot about so between her passion for teaching and it being a new and interesting subject, I find it to be very rewarding. 

Jack Wilson

Jack Wilson |
Year: Senior
Major: Agribusiness
Hometown: Jefferson, Maryland
Favorite class: Marketing Ag Commodities- I love the group projects and lectures Dr. Marchant has. It keeps virtual learning interesting and engaging!