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AAEC Student Ambassadors

AAEC Ambassadors 2019-20
AAEC Ambassadors during academic year 2019-2020, pre Covid.

Meet our AAEC student ambassadors! 

Our AAEC Ambassadors take on this role to serve you! From answering questions about AAEC classes to inquiries about campus to ideas you have for the department, these students help students feel reassured and welcomed, and they assist our faculty and staff with staying abreast of student body needs. Feel free to reach out to them with any questions or ideas you have! This year's cohort includes:

Hannah Browne

Hannah Browne |
Year: Junior
Major: Applied Economic Management (International Trade and Development)
Favorite class: International Agricultural Trade and Development. The class focused on how other counties allocated their resources to their citizens to promote economic growth. This class reminded me why I chose this major and allowed me to decipher what I want to do!

Victoria Dell

Victoria Dell |
Year: Senior
Major: Agribusiness
Favorite Class: Sustainable Development Economics - I loved this class because you learn the economics behind environmental policies and evaluate how successful they will be. 

Chris Kuhler

Chris Kuhler |
Year: Senior Major: Agribusiness 
Favorite Class: Agricultural Financial Management because the course material is a direct parallel to what I’ll be doing in my career as an agricultural loan officer. I can’t forget to add that Doc White is one of the best professors that I’ve had and does his best to engage the class in a meaningful way!
Extracurriculars: COINS
Hometown: Remington, VA



Bailey Marshall

Bailey Marshall |
Year: Sophomore
Major: Agribusiness and Communication Science
Favorite AAEC class so far: Personal Financial Planning because I learned applicable financial skills like filing taxes, how to save for retirement, and effective investing methods. Also, I really love how much Doc White cares about his students’ financial health. 
Extracurriculars: Block and Bridle club, Cru (Campus Ministry), Gamma Phi Beta sorority, AAEC Teaching Assistant, CALS & AAEC Ambassador, FYE Peer Mentor, I also play music in my spare time, and I enjoy going to the gym so I would love to talk to prospective students about McCommas!
Hometown: Buchanan, VA

Katie McGroddy

Katie McGroddy |
Year: Senior
Major: Applied Economic Management (Environmental Policy)
Favorite class: Environmental Sustainability Development Economics with Dr. Ellerbrock. The class talks about environmental issues & justice, and resource management. It became the class where I decided to switch my major because I became passionate about the topics. Mike is also great professor. I felt included in class discussions and met a lot of people in the class with the same interests as me.
Extracurriculars: National Agri-Marketing Association (secretary), Greek life (Pi Beta Phi), College of Agriculture and Life Science Ambassador, undergraduate researcher (Virginia Coalfield Economic Development Authority), undergraduate researcher (market values of farm acreage), TA for AAEC 3324
Hometown: Middleburg, VA

Macie Snelson

Macie Snelson |
Year: Junior
Major: Agribusiness & Spanish
Favorite Class: Mike Ellerbrock’s macroeconomics class. I loved it because he was so passionate about the subject matter and about his students succeeding, not only in the classroom but in life as well. As for this semester, my favorite class is Agricultural Law with Jennifer Friedel. I love that class because she is so well educated on law and particularly how it affects the agricultural industry. Law was never something I knew a lot about so between her passion for teaching and it being a new and interesting subject, I find it to be very rewarding. 

Jack Wilson

Jack Wilson |
Year: Junior
Major: Agribusiness Management
Favorite class: Marketing Ag Commodities- I love the group projects and lectures Dr. Marchant has. It keeps virtual learning interesting and engaging!