Strengthening Impact Assessment in the CG (2013-2017)

Virginia Tech received four grants under the SIAC project that contributed to objectives 3 (Impact Assessment) and 4 (Building a community of practice) of the overall SIAC project. Grants received:

1)      New Partnerships for Building Impact Assessment Capacity in the CGIAR

2)      Assessing the impacts of the adoption of high iron bean varieties on bean and iron intake of rural vulnerable populations in Rwanda

3)      Adoption and Diffusion of C88 Potato Variety in China: Spatial Variability of Productivity Gains and Cost Savings and Value Chain Development

4)      Forest co-management in Guinea: a multi-scale, multi-output impact analysis


Project outputs from AAEC:

  • MS Student theses (completed and in progress)
    • Nicole Flores: Impact Assessment of Natural Resource Management Policy Research: A case study of the contribution of the Sustainable Wetlands Adaptation and Mitigation Project to the effectiveness of the Indonesian Forest Moratorium, June 2016
    • Corinna Clements: Assessing the Impact of the Jepara Furniture Value Chain Project, August 2016
    • Stephanie Myrick: An Economic Impact Assessment of Cooperation-88 Potato Variety in the Yunnan Province of China, September 2016
    • Catherine O’Donnell: Peruvian Food Security in The Face of Recurrent Natural Disasters: A Two-Step Adoption Analysis for Improved Potato Varieties, Fall 2016
    • Emma Shirey: Economic Impacts of the Genebank at the International Potato Center (CIP), Fall 2016
    • Craig Nelson: Household Impacts of Forest Co-Management in Guinea, Expected Summer 2017
  • PhD Student outputs:
    • Kate Vaiknoras: Dissertation research efforts focus on dynamics of adoption of high iron bean varieties and their impact. Expected dissertation Summer 2018

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