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Nicolas Legrand

Research Assistant Professor
Nicolas Legrand
301 Hutcheson Hall
250 Drillfield Drive

Nicolas Legrand's areas of expertise include agricultural economics; agricultural trade policy analysis; applied econometrics and economic analytics; and international development economics. He began working for the Dept. of Agricultural and Applied Economics in August 2023 to conduct research for the Center for Agricultural Trade

2016: Ph.D. in economics at Paris Saclay University (Paris Institute of Technology)

2013: Master’s degree with highest honors in Energy and Environmental Economics at Paris Saclay University

2013: Bachelor's degree in Agricultural and Environmental Engineer at Paris Saclay University (Paris Institute of Technology)for life, food, and environmental sciences.

Nicolas develops and uses economic models to identify and measure the relative contribution of the most important factors to the observed commodity price instability on both the global spot and futures markets.

  • 2018-2020 Adjunct Professor at Sciences Po Paris: Master’s in Economics, Graduate course in empirical microeconomics
  • 2018-2019 Adjunct Professor at ENSAI, Graduate course in Energy and Environmental Economics
  • 2014-2015 Teaching Assistant at AgroParisTech
    - 3rd year: Introductory lecture to the game theory basics
    - 4th year: Tutorials in microeconomics and lectures in macroeconomics on growth theory and labor markets

Referred journals

Estimating the Competitive Storage Model with Trending Commodity Prices,” (with C.Gouel); Journal of Applied Econometrics, 32(4),2018,744-763.

The Empirical Merit of Structural Explanations of Commodity Price Volatility: Review And Perspectives,” Journal of Economic Surveys, 33(2),2019,639-664.

“The empirical relevance of the competitive storage model” by Cafiero et al. (2011): Replication, Robustness and Extension,” forthcoming at Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy.

“War in Ukraine: The Rational 'Wait and See' Mode of Global Food Markets,” forthcoming at Applied Economic Perspectives & Policy (Invited featured article).