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Ecuador 2022

Building Analytical and Global Competencies through Agricultural Research Internships 

Take a journey with us throughout this 6-week experiential learning trip to Ecuador. 

Students began with a three-credit spring course on research methods and farm household surveying. These skills were utilized during the six weeks the group was conducting household surveys in Chimborazo. The main objective of the field study was to determine what factors affect the decision to adopt more sustainable production practices in an environmentally vulnerable area. 

The group visited the INIAP experiment station in Quito and worked with research partners on the questionnaire.

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Ecuador 2022 video with music

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Faculty accompanying students to Ecuador

  • Jeffrey Alwang
  • George Norton
  • Darrell Bosch

Faculty who taught classes preparing students for the trip

  • Jeffrey Alwang
  • Susan Chen
  • Catherine Larochelle


  • Vaughn Biesecker 
  • John Lutz
  • Alex Macri
  • Tessa Naughton-Rockwell
  • Atticus Rex
  • Abby Stevens 

Six undergraduate students from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and beyond are participating. An additional six students from ESPOCH from Riobamba, Ecuador are also participating.

Our partners in Ecuador are the national agricultural research institute (INIAP), ESPOCH, the ministry of agriculture, and community organizations in two cantons in Chimborazo, Ecuador.

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