Kevin Boyle, professor of agricultural and applied economics and director of Virginia Tech’s Program in Real Estate, was recently reappointed to the U.S. EPA Science Advisory Board’s Environmental Economics Advisory Committee for a second three-year term. The committee is composed of the top experts in the field of Environmental Economics.

The committee provides objective expert advice to the EPA on the costs and benefits of environmental policies and regulations, and works to ensure the best science is used to support decisions. While serving on his first term, Boyle aided the committee by helping to review procedures the U.S. EPA uses to value the benefits and costs from policies that reduce mortality from adverse environmental conditions. “This affects nearly all major policies and actions by the U.S. EPA,” Boyle stated, “and it sets a global precedent for these types of economic analyses.

Congratulations on earning a second appointment, Professor Boyle!



Jillian Broadwell