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Anubhab Gupta

Assistant Professor
Anubhab Gupta smiles.
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Anubhab Gupta's research is primarily at the intersection of development economics and agricultural policies. He collaborates with international organizations to understand the direct and indirect effects of policy interventions using experimental, quasi-experimental, and simulation methods. His main areas of research focus on impact evaluations of development projects, agricultural market structures in rural settings, migration and displacement of populations due to conflicts and climate change, and general equilibrium impacts of policies. For more information on Anubhab Gupta's research and background, click on the tabs below. 



Ph.D., Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of California, Davis, 2019

M.S., Applied Economics, The University of Arizona, 2013

M.A., Economics, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi, India, 2010

B.Sc. (Honors in Economics), University of Calcutta, India, 2008

List of Research Projects

“Shock and assistance platform for economy-wide simulations.” (05/2020-08/2021)

Funding Source: UN World Food Programme

Negative shocks are an ever-present threat to countries across the globe. Droughts or floods hamper local agricultural production, civil unrest disrupt markets and livelihoods, and global price hikes or supply chain disruptions reverberate throughout local economies. This research aims to provide decision makers with a flexible tool that facilitates scenario building and supports advocacy, decision making and monitoring. This is achieved by simulating the impact of negative shocks on households and the local economy, combined with assessing the direct and indirect benefits of assistance provided to households to offset those shocks in rural settings.

“Assessing the economic impacts of protected areas on regional economies: Evidence from Brazil, Fiji, Nepal, and Zambia.” (08/2019-07/2020)

Funding Source: World Bank

This project is designed to deepen knowledge and increase awareness of the economic impact of protected areas (terrestrial and marine) on local and regional economies through nature-based tourism that is anchored around these protected areas. It also identifies policies, regulations, and potential mechanisms to strengthen the regional economic impacts, enable private investments in and around protected areas, and to capture value provided by these ecosystem services to generate funds for protected areas management.

“Climate Migration and Impacts on Household Financial Activities: Evidence from the Sundarbans Region in India.” (11/2018-12/2020)

My research team has been gathering primary data on migration activities (current and historical) and daily household activities through a unique survey design to analyze the complex effects that climate shocks have on migrant households living in poor rural areas of the Sundarbans, India. Using data from retrospective recall of migration and high-frequency (weekly) financial dairies, we aim to address key research questions on the factors that influence climate-induced migration, and how household members remaining behind utilize remittance flows to cope with daily expenditures.

Courses Taught:

Undergraduate Level-

Economic Development, Intermediate Microeconomics, Econometric Theory and Application at UC Davis; Intermediate Production and Consumption Analysis and Economic Statistics at U Arizona.

Graduate Level-

Microeconomic Analysis II at UC Davis; Mathematics for Economists at U Arizona.


  • Assistant Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech, August 2020
  • Postdoc Researcher, Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Davis, Aug 2019-Jul 2020
  • Consultant, World Bank Jan-July 2020
  • Consultant, United Nations WFP and Kagin’s Consulting June-Dec 2019
  • Consultant, WFP, Rome HQ, Italy May-Aug 2018
  • Consultant, Tanzania Gatsby Trust and Kagin’s Consulting July-Nov 2016
  • Research Assistant, Prof. J. Edward Taylor, UC Davis Jan-Dec 2016; June 2014-April 2015
  • Research Economist, United Nations Food & Agricultural Organisation (FAO) May-Dec 2015
  • Consultant, International Water Management Institute, New Delhi July 2010-June 2011
  • Research Assistant, Prof. Rajat Kathuria, ICRIER, New Delhi May-July 2009


Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award, UC Davis (2018)

UC Davis and Humanities Graduate Research Award (2018-19)

Henry A. Jastro Research Award, UC Davis (2017)

Travel Award, UN University WIDER Conference (2017)

Peer-reviewed journal articles

Zhu, H., Gupta, A., Majumder, B. and Steinbach, S. “Short-term Effects of India’s Demonetization on the Rural Poor.” Economics Letters Vol. 170 (2018): 117-121.

Gupta, A., Kagin, J., Taylor, J.E., Filipski, M., Hlanze, L. and Foster, J. “Is Technology Change Good for Cotton Farmers? A Local-economy Analysis from the Tanzania Lake Zone.” European Review of Agricultural Economics 45, no. 1 (2017): 27-56.

Alloush, M., Taylor, J.E., Gupta, A., Valdes, R.I.R and Gonzalez-Estrada, E. “Economic Life in Refugee Camps.” World Development 95 (2017): 334-347.

Taylor, J. E., Filipski, M., Alloush, M., Gupta, A., Valdes, R.I.R and Gonzalez-Estrada, E. “Economic impact of refugees.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113, no. 27 (2016): 7449-7453.