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Graduate Student Seminar Series

AAEC's graduate student seminar series gives graduate students an opportunity to sharpen their presentation skills, consider new research questions, and learn about new areas of research.

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all 2020-21 seminars are being held virtually. Contact Ange Kakpo for Zoom information.


Presentation schedule:

Date Presenter Name Presentation Title
9/18/2020 Zhenyu Yao Assessing residences support for environmentally-friendly public transportation upgrades across Europe
9/25/2020 Ben Garber Beef and Bottom-line: the Effect of Value-Added Certification on Feeder Cattle Profitability
10/2/2020 Chaohua Cai Money is Time (and Distance): Geographical Distance and Intergenerational Support to Aging Parents in Rural China
10/9/2020 Yangchuan Yang Grass-fed Beef Price Premium
10/23/2020 Alexis Villacis-Aveiga Explaining Climate Change Risk Perceptions Using Prospect Theory
10/30/2020 Zeya Zang Regional Model on Fertilizer Promotion and Small-scale Irrigation System in Ethiopia
11/6/2020 Kate Vaiknoras The impact of stress-tolerant rice varieties on yield, yield variability and input use in an unfavorable rice environment 
11/13/2020 Jinyan Yang SNAP Benefits Adequacy during COVID-19
2/5/2021 Kristin Swedberg Examining Implicit Price Variation for Lake Water Quality
2/26/2021 Mariah Beverly Examining Implicit Price Variation for Lake Water Quality
3/19/2021 Yuanyuan Wen Impacts of Nature Reserves on Migration in China
4/9/2021 Shannon Fluharty Opportunity Between the Turbines: A Willingness-to-Pay Eperiment Regarding Co-Location with the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Farm
4/23/2021 Paige MicKibben Economic Feasibility Of Outcome-based Payment For Environmental Services For Denitrifying Spring Bioreactors
5/7/2021 Zhenyu Yao Willingness to pay for the improved forecasting system of red tide in Southern Florida


Student testimonials:

“The question-and-answer time is very useful in preparing us for future conferences and job interviews. We learn how to really listen and understand the questions people pose about our research, and how to respond appropriately.”    - Ruoding Shi

“People ask very good questions during the lab that encourage us to look at our research from new angles and explore alternative questions when analyzing our data.”    -  Xin Ning

“The health lab helps us clarify topics covered in class and drive home key points we’re learning.”    - Weizhe Weng

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