Marjorie Norton

Professor Emerita of Apparel, Housing and Res Management

Marjorie Norton joined the Virginia Tech faculty in 1980.  She held a teaching and research appointment in the former College of Human Resources and Education until 2003.  Since 2003, the research portion of her appointment has been in Agricultural and Applied Economics and the instructional portion has been in Apparel, Housing, and Resource Management.  She was department head of Clothing and Textiles for five years.  She currently chairs the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee of Apparel, Housing, and Resource Management, and is extensively involved in advising both undergraduate and graduate students.

Professor Norton was an international trade analyst in the Textiles and Apparel Branch of the Office of Industries in the U.S. International Trade Commission during 1999-2000, and a visiting professor at Cornell University during 1987-1988.  She has been an expert witness in product liability litigation involving clothing fire injuries, and has wide experience consulting with textile and apparel companies and the media.  She has served on the Social Sciences Technical Subcommittee of the Experiment Station Committee on Organization and Policy and on the NCR-133 Committee on Home Economics Research Evaluation.  She also served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Colombia.  She is a fellow of the International Textile and Apparel Association, the primary professional organization in the field of textiles and apparel.

Norton's teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels primarily focuses on the textile and apparel industry and international trade.

Norton's research interests include international trade, determinants of consumers’ expenditures, and evaluation of textile-product performance.  Current work includes the impact of trade policy on the textile and apparel industry and trade.

Selected Publications

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